Ready to STUDY @ LangMOOC?



The LangMOOC courses are FREE pilot massive open and online language courses for learners at A2 Basic user's language level. The aim of the courses is to improve your understanding of another language and culture at A2 level of European framework (see attached link), so you can communicate more effectively and clearly.

The courses' overall learning goal is to improve your speaking, writing, listening and reading skills through a big variety of interactive and authentic multimedia material such as Open Educational Resources (OERS) created specifically for these courses.

In the courses the learning will be assessed by a range of exercises and a course completion certificate will be awarded.
The languages covered will be English, Italian, Greek, German, Norwegian.


As a learner you will cover the following learning outcomes:

  • Improve your knowledge and understanding of sentences and frequently used expressions related to topic areas (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment).
  • Improve the way you communicate about familiar and routine tasks requiring a simple dialogue of information.
  • Improve your ability to describe your background, your circumstances and immediate basic needs.
  • Practice a range of everyday situations like how to greet people, how to ask & answer questions about yourself & your family, how to order food more clearly and how to ask for directions.


If you are interested, registration will be open from 16th May 2016 and all the pilot language courses will be accessible for free from 13th June.

These courses are FREE pilot language courses which have a duration of 6 weeks. For this reason, you will be kindly asked to provide your feedback so that the course can be developed further.